Microvette 100/200 - Blood collection with capillary tybes
The Microvette capillary collection system is designed to offer practical solutions for individual requirement.
Choose between the Microvette 100 and 200 with a conical or round bottom inner tube.
For both versions the End-to-End capillary is preassembled and ready to use.

- Preassembled End-to-End capillary

- Cap is easy to open

- Special cap design minimizes aerosol effect

- Optimized tube geometry ensures thorough sample mixing

- Color-coded caps and print for easy identification of additives and nominal volumes

- Shelf life and batch number on each tube
Serum/Clotting activator 100ul
20.1282.100 Plasma/Lithium Heparin  100ul
20.1278.100 EDTA 100ul     
20.1290.100 Serum/Clotting activator 200ul    20.1292.100
Plasma/Lithium Heparin 200ul
20.1289.100 Glucose/Fluoride 200ul
20.1291 Serum-Gel 200ul
20.1288.100 EDTA 200ul
The Sarstedt Group

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