RIDA®GENE Gut Balance

Intended use:

RIDA®GENE Gut Balance is a real-time PCR for the direct qualitative and quantitative detection of - and Cluster XIVa DNA from human stool samples.

General Information:

90% of the normal human gut flora is populated by two phylogenetic groups which exist in a symbiotic balance.Bacteroides are anaerobic, gram-negative bacteria which are part of the normal gut flora of the intestinal tract. In the large intestine, approximately 10 Bacteroides/g stool exist and are therefore the dominant bacteria in terms of numbers. The second phylogenetic group is the firmicutesClostridium Cluster XIVa are a class of firmicutes to which, besides others, Eubacterium spp. and roseburia spp. belong.

Different sources associate a disbalance of the composition of the gut flora (dysbiosis) with obesity. Here, a decreased number of Bacteroides corresponds to presence of obesity whereas at the same time an increasing number of Eubacterium rectale was detected in patients with obesity.

ตรวจหาและจำแนกสารพันธุกรรมของเชื้อในกลุ่ม Bacteroides และ Clostridium Cluster XIVa  
Multiplex Real-Time PCR
ความไวในการตรวจวิเคราะห์ : ≥ 10 DNA copies per reaction
R-Biopharm, Germany

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